The Warriors are in flux and the final details of this amnesty provision could dictate the nature of their unfluxing. A big unknown is whether or not an amnesty of one player can follow the acquisition of a different player. Example: We don’t know whether the Warriors could sign Tyson Chandler and make salary room by waiving Biedrins, or, if the Warriors have to waive Andris first and risk not being able to sign Chandler as a replacement. The latter scenario would make an amnesty more fraught, less likely. Golden State could lose Biedrins in the name of cap room they don’t end up using.
And then there is the matter of what Biedrins is worth to other teams. Waive Andris, and the Warriors pay the difference between his current 27 million dollar salary and whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay him. If nobody wants to pay Biedrins, then Lacob picks up a hefty tab.

Here is where it gets weird: Andris Biedrins could be worth roughly nine million dollars per year to someone, especially if amnesty bidding occurs after the Nene/Chandler sweepstakes. In this hypothetical scenario, various teams have missed on a targeted big man and are desperate for an ersatz version–call him a coveted stunt double-double.

Don’t laugh, it might happen. Biedrins is 25 and was once quite good at the league’s priciest position. Tyson Chandler was thought to be washed up as recently as last year. Now he’s flirting with a max contract on the heels of a decent season. Big men get paid.

And while another team’s willingness to pay Andris would spare Lacob’s wallet, it could also represent an immense failure. Why? Because it means the Warriors used the amnesty on a tradeable asset. This is all fine and well if you nab Nene or Chandler in the process. If you don’t? The league just confirmed that they’re willing to pay your guy, which indicates that they’d trade for him too. This scenario saves GSW the most money, but it’s also the scenario that makes them look like terrible poker players.

So when Warriors brass says they don’t plan on amnestying Biedrins, believe them. But know that decision pertains to a very fluid situation.

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  1. joshua citrak

    W’s brass say they won’t amnesty the goose, probably because the W’s FO has no idea what to do, and let’s face it, what’s new? in the 15 months of lacob, the W’s have demonstrated zero ability to define a roster vision and aggressively go about shaping the team in the model of that vision.

    the goose is not a tradeable asset for the simple fact that larry riley could not execute a lunchroom trade of a box of Ho Ho’s for one Red Delicious. so, simply put, i disagree with your assessment there. and just because another team is willing to pay the goose, does not mean they are willing to ship another body or two to the W’s for that honor.

    chandler doesn’t get the W’s over the hump, he isn’t an “allstar” (*) but he is miles beyond the goose. he will almost certainly be overpaid — the lockout, which we were told would change all that, most likely won’t — but overpaying him is better than over paying the goose.