Rick Adelman beat out Don Nelson for the Wolves coaching position, a phrase that could be re-framed as, “Sense beat out self-destructive delusions of whimsy.” Far more shocking is that Adelman appears to be taking the job. My hefty eyebrows are certainly elevated considering a) Adelman had stated plans to sit out the 2011-2012 season, b) The Wolves are a chaos factory, c) My coastal elite sensibilities fuel a condescending assumption that the cosmopolitan Twin Cities region is actually replete with ice-fishing tundra hillbillies. 

Though the Wolves exist somewhere far away from Berkeley Bowl, this Kahn coup has Warriors implications. As in, if Rick Adelman succeeds, if Mark Jackson fails, then the pressure is on Joe Lacob like never before. The new owner is out of the honeymoon period (i.e. Cohan detox period), and can be judged accordingly. The Jackson pick represents Lacob’s bold vision for the team, and it will be measured harshly should Minnesota thrive under a more experienced, coveted coach.

It should be noted that Mark Jackson was hired amid a dearth of big name possible coaches. Mike Brown was the most esteemed available clipboard, and Lakers fans weren’t exactly enthralled over him. Today, fans of both GSW and LA might well be asking, “Wait, Rick Adelman was available?”

Like Brown, Adelman has been to the Finals. Unlike Brown, Adelman has the cachet that comes with two decades of nearly winning a title. While there might be some stigma to such a track record, Rick Adelman gets a sympathy vote due to Lakers-Kings reffing. It also helps that Rick has racked up 12 consecutive winning seasons, and somehow squeezed 55 victories out of this Houston Rockets team in 2007-2008.

I’m not a Mark Jackson hater as I’ve yet to witness the man coach. I actually see some benefits to his boastful approach, considering how old GSW culture tended to hug low expectations. But, doubts surrounding this coaching tabula rasa, doubts surrounding GSW decision making, all of it greatly amplifies if Adelman wins his way to looking like a lost GSW opportunity.

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2 Responses

  1. PNQ

    Not a fan at all of this article. First off, Nellie > Adelman when it comes to rebuilding teams and spotting talents. Nellie’s also better at using great players and putting them in positions to succeed, which Rubio will need coming into the NBA.

    I’m not sure why Lacob was brought into this. MIN clearly overpaid a coach that to me hasn’t really proven much. When given talent and role players, he does well. When he isn’t, he doesn’t. He’s essentially a coach that doesnt get in the way of his talent, which is nice, but exactly what the Warriors DONT need right now.

    IMO this article just panders to the sect of W’s fans that needs to find reasons to complain about something at all times. I’d rather take a chance on the outspoken unknown rather than a guy who gets love because of the teams hes chosen to coach.