WarriorsWorld TV was out in LA at the legendary Drew League where we caught the debut of LeBron James at the Drew. Check out this exclusive interview with LeBron hosted by Adiana Vega, as well as highlights from the game.

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  1. DeuelWarrior

    Nice work being down there and getting some of the game on film. It’s always nice when you can see someone like that being just a guy playing basketball. Something I can relate to. Thats nice. It would be even nicer if you got an interview with a DrewLeague mainstay… my boy D-Wright. I would love for you to be able to get him on tape and ask him some questions. One of those question would be “D-Wright, have you spoke with the Draft Picks? I know Klay and Jeremy are from Southern California so have you invited them to play or work out together?” That would be some good stuff to hear. Thanks for the upload and may the NBA feel the pressure now that they are the only kid not wanting to play the game(ala NFL ending the lockout)