Warriors named Marty Glick as their new CFO, this wouldn’t normally be interesting news except that 1) there is currently nothing else to talk about and 2) Mary Glick was named Golden State Warriors Season Ticket Holder of the game back on November 9th of 2006.  Being the STH is a great honor bestowed only upon those that either have tickets for decades, or really expensive seats.   Glick first became a season ticket holder for the 2005-2006 season.

It’s nice to see the Warriors tapping into their talented and engaged fan base to fill key positions in the organization. The Warriorsworld team eagerly waits by the phone for our call up to ‘the show.’

Nov 2006 STH of the game

Marty Glick, New Warriors CFO

Marty Glick Nov 2009 STH Of The Game