I caught up with Morehead st. Assistant coach Adam Howard to talk to him about Kenneth Faried. Faried is one of the players the Warriors will be eyeing with the 11th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Check out the Q&A and get to know Faried.

Describe Kenneth both on the court and off the court. What are his strengths and weaknesses on the court?
Off the court KF is a very outgoing, never met a stranger type of kid. Always smiling meeting new people. On the court he plays with a passion that raises everyone else’s energy level as well. With KF he knows his strengths and he knows his weakness’. At the next level he won’t try to do anything out of what he can bring to the table. He understands that he is a first round pick because of his motor and rebounding abilities. That will translate to the next level.

How would you characterize him defensively? Area that needs improvement?
Defensively KF is a guy that will find himself on the court early and often in his career. He has an ability to rebound out of his area and keep a lot of basketballs alive because he has such a quick first jump and an even quicker second jump. He might be a little undersized but his length, energy and toughness will always give him an edge.

What’s his ideal position? NBA comparison?
I think KF is a straight 4 at the next level. I’m not sure he can guard a three which to me is the most athletic most versatile position in the league even though those guys will be his height and a 5 he may be able to do defend because it will have him the majority of the time around the rim which puts him in position to do what he will be on the floor for. Rebound. I think Blair from the spurs is a fair comparison, although he’s leaner and quicker more athletic. I also think he is a lot like Ben Wallace in that defensive mind set role.

How would he fit in with the Warriors? Can he come in from Day 1 and contribute to the team?
I think KF will be able to be a positive asset early to the warriors. He has such a high IQ that he picks up things extremely quick. Playing alongside backing up Lee I don’t think production on the boards drop off with Lee out and KF in. Playing against big physical guys like Adrien forces KF to compete at a high level each day. He would fit in great in Golden State.

Share a quick story about Kenneth that gives us an insight on the type of person/player he is.
He gets his passion and toughness from his mother who has battled lupus for several years. He plays with such intensity no one plays harder all while carrying a smile as big as the Golden Gate Bridge.


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  1. Chris

    I like the idea of drafting another defensive minded player at #11. he has the size to back up the 4, which we didnt have last year. With Udoh at the 5, and him backing up the 4, we can always have a shot blocker/enforcer on the floor at all times.