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Joe Lacob comes from a Celtics background where the current team succeeded once it set a culture – a commitment to teamwork, defense and holding each other accountable. That’s part of why Lacob likes David Lee so much, Lee established a positive culture in the locker room. It could also be why Lacob may be leaning Mike Brown now. Brown will set the culture Lacob trusts – defense first, teamwork, accountability.

Thing is Doc Rivers succeeded defensively by having KG demanding it of his teammates and Tom Thibodeau designing it. Brown is a very capable defensive architect, but there is no Warrior veteran that can credibly serve in the KG role. Culture has to manifest on the court. Tough to do that with the current roster.

The larger concern is that Brown is just like the Warrior roster: one-way. He’s a defensive genius with a San Antonio pedigree. But offensively there wasn’t much creativity in Cleveland.

Brown may be the best they can get, but a one-way coach is just flipping the script. What the Warriors need on the roster and the bench is two-way capability. They lack balance and Brown doesn’t address that.

Maybe that can be addressed through his assistants but with so many head coaching jobs available quality assistants will be filling some of those openings.

Hopefully Lacob will give a real chance to Frank, Casey, Shaw and Person to prove themselves worthy. But with Brown pulling his name out of Houston to focus on the Warriors it would seem he’s received assurances from Oakland. If that’s true it seems premature to do so before interviews. Frank has done an excellent job in Boston, Person designed the Laker defense that carried them to 17-1 after the break. Hear them out.

Brown may be the best choice, but I’d want to hear who he has lined up for assistants that can counterbalance his relative offensive weaknesses. I’d want to test Brian Shaw and see what he’s learned from Jackson. See what Person can bring on both ends.

Culture can set a foundation, but if that foundation is only on one end of the floor it won’t hold up. Defensive accountability is needed and can help fix the immediate problem. Over time though balance is what will ultimately be needed. I hope Lacob’s desire to follow the Boston culture blueprint is paired with the need for balance, otherwise they’ll be looking for another coach in a few years.

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  1. Clint

    I think it’s pretty unfair to say Mike Brown is a poor offensive coach. LeBron dictated the offense and Brown understood the nature of James’ relationship to the team, the owner and the city. LeBron needed to go elsewhere to accept the fact that he needed to be accountable. Except instead of being accountable to a hometown, fanbase, team, or owner, it took another star he respected and was willing to be accountable to. The LeBron that Mike James had to work with was a different man, different player. The fact that James was able to create an effective defense from the dreck he had in Cleveland is very impressive from a respect/motivation aspect. Aside from LeBron, nearly any Warrior is better in the offensive department than anyone on the Cavs (2010) save maybe…maybe…Mo Williams. I’m for Mike Brown. He’s proven that he can create a defensive culture, navigate the super-egos of the NBA, motivate young and old, star and journeyman to play defense. He’s been in pressure packed playoff situations, has clout among NBA players, and has always portrayed a professional and even keeled persona. I believe he is exactly what THIS team needs now.

    Why would Frank be a better offensive coach? He took over from Byron Scott? So what? The Nets, post Scott, were already set up talent wise, knew Frank and Frank ended up as a “defensive” assistant coach for the Celtics. He couldn’t hack it with veteran stars and ended up back on the bench. Mike James dealt with one of the most egotistical owner, one of the most ego driven and immature stars in James and still managed to navigate to a finals, a couple of conference finals and lots of regular season success under the expectations of greatness that LeBron could never truly shoulder on his own.. Lawrence Frank inherited a talent base and lost it within two years.

    Casey, sure he’s got a pedigree and a Dallas background. But quite frankly, I don’t want another run’n’gun team. It has never worked in the playoffs in the NBA ever…Defense wins championships. I know Mike James preaches defense first.

    Shaw will coach LA. There is no need to discuss any further. He is simply gathering quotes to justify his worth. Deal done, done deal.

    Chuck no D person. No T hanks.

    Frank couldn’t get Boston to come out with consistent defensive presence such as in game 3, and Person designing defense? Seriously? Chuck Person was a volume shooter when he played and is not the answer her.

    If Oakland has provided Mike Brown with assurances…great! The other options are smoke/false or desperate. Mike Brown is the right fit for this team now and potentially for the near future. The team will respect him, and he will bring a legitimate defensive presence to GS.

    First of all I’d say that I’m ready for a one dimensional defensive team right now. I want a team full of Gary Paytons, Raja Bells, Tony Allens, Ron Artests etc. Defense wins championships..’nuff said. Additionally, even if the dubs focused all their attention to defense, they are so innately skilled on offense that they won’t be able to help themselves in terms of the offensive end of the floor.

    Mike James is the right choice and potentially a long term right choice.

    • MB

      What is troubling about Brown is the end of his tenure in Cleveland. It was an implosion. Lebron was frustrated with his team mates for not stepping up on defense in the playoffs. His frustration showed on the court and led to his infamous departure. Brown was unsuccessful in keeping his team playing hard on D at a critical time. By contrast, at least Smart kept the Warriors playing hard even when the stakes were low. NBA coaching is as much about maintaining cohesion, motivation and managing egos as it is about X’s and O’s. And if yoi can’t keep a team motivated and together, you can’t implement the game plan. So I have strong reservations about Mike Brown.

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    • Trevor

      Liked your thought process, but you kept switching names between Mike Brown and Mike James haha. Other than that, good points!