Mistah FAB checks in with his weekly blog in which he touches on who he thinks is the best PG in the NBA, his thoughts on Chris Bosh and what to make of the Tony Parker/Eva Longoria situation. Check it out and see what Fabby has to say! Watch in HD!

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  1. Oreo1

    rondo is not the best pg in the game.. i dont think he can do what he does with the celtics on another team like lets say Chicago, Utah, New Orleans, Phoenix or New York.. is he a good player yes take nothing from that. but theres pgs in this team that make their team a whole lot better .. Bosh on the other hand i would have to agree with the fact that he cant back down in the paint but he can get u that 15 to 20 a night with 10 boards. Eva & Tony.. lol ima just stay away from that one.. lol