Cavity Creeps take down David Lee

Aftermath of David Lee Injury

According to Marcus Thompson on twitter, David Lee is back in the hospital receiving treatment for his elbow.

He’s out. Still in hospital RT @badaznboy22: sup Marcus any news on David lee tonite??

To recap the events that led to David Lee missing 2 games and potentially another 3-4 more.  His elbow caught NY Knicks forward Wilson Chandler in the mouth breaking off 2 of Wilson’s teeth, into David’s elbow.

  • Abdenour puts a wrap around Lee’s Arm during the game
  • Abdenour puts another wrap around the arm after the first one bleeds through with about 3 minutes left in the game
  • Supposedly, the Knicks medical staff takes care of the cut
  • David wakes up with the most pain he’s ever felt in his life, swollen arm, can’t move his hand
  • Bulls medical staff checks out Lee for the next game in Chicago, suggests a visit to the hospital
  • Lee has surgery last Friday for an infected laceration
  • Lee is back in the hospital again today

To recap, Dirk Nowitzki missed 1 game last year with 3 teeth in his elbow, David Lee, we still don’t know. This has led fans to wonder what the Warriors training and medical staff were thinking.

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  1. bgalella

    Watching the replay, it doesn’t look like he even hit down that hard on Wilson Chandler, but it’s the freakiest accident since the Andrew Bogut injury, hopefully David Lee is back in action soon, he was finally starting to put it together.