WarriorsWorld TV presents the Warriors #1 fan Mistah FAB as he speaks to us on a variety of Warriors related topics.  In part 1, FAB gives us his thoughts on Nellie’s departure, Keith Smart, Whether or not he would trade Stephen Curry for Carmelo Anthony and gives us his one move to improve the team ASAP. Check it out! Watch in HD!

  • McManimal

    #1 move the warriors need to do is trade expletive for something decent!! If we can’t have a big 3 ah lah Boston Miami or LA, we need a good 4-5 reliable guys….

  • CLASSIC! I’d watch this even though i’ma LAKERS fan! F.A.B. clearly knows his ish!

  • Philippe

    Dude, you are a retard!! Biggest Warriors fan??? HA!! How many games was Curry out for….um…one….eh…two…. Trade Curry for Melo!?? HA!! …hahahaha!!! Melo wants to come back home to NYC anyway… C’mon, man! Why you even go on here to post that video blog of yours?? PART 2?? Really?? You got something else to say?? Cause you didn’t say S#@T in Part 1.