By: Billy Hoyle @wwnetbillyhoyle

A let down was inevitable. The Warriors came into Sunday’s game at the Palace at Auburn Hills against the Detroit Pistons walking on sunshine. Before the game even started, many were counting them 5-1 and wondering when these guys would ever lose. It was a classic blunder, second only to starting a land war in Asia.

Through-out the game it was clear and evident that the Warriors were the superior team, they were dominating on defense and the boards. Monta Ellis and Steph Curry were slicing through the lane and dropping pretty little dimes to their big men. Even David Lee was out pushing the break throwing a beautiful bounce pass to Valdimir Radmanovich for the wide open dunk. The Warriors were out classing the Detroit Pistons and the game was going exactly as was expected. Only it didn’t. The Pistons seemed to always be right there, countering with an easy bucket or holding tight through adversity.

The Warriors never went on that back breaking run to put the game away that folks had expected they would. The closest they came was in the third when they went up by 9, 63 -54, but they could never quite put the game away. A good reason they couldn’t put it away was at the point of their greatest lead, Coach Smart pulls out Steph Curry and puts in Reggie Williams. Immediately following that substitution, the Pistons trim the Warriors lead to 71 – 70 and carried that momentum into the fourth. One would think that when you are on a game changing run, you would want to keep your most devastating offensive weapon on the court.

This loss can be out on the shoulders of Coach Smart.  Smart strayed from had been working all season, a traditional big lineup in favor of Nellie’s love child, Small Ball.  Biedrins only played 25 minutes even though foul trouble was not an issue and Dan Gadzuric who was coming off a good game vs Utah didn’t get any playing time.  Smart went with Vlad Rad, Carney and Wright and it came back to haunt him.  Having a shot-blocker on the floor was essential given how the Pistons were blowing by the Warriors on the perimeter with ease. You live and you learn, tonight gives Smart an opportunity to fix last night’s mistakes and get their first road win of the season in Toronto.

  • T-mac’s career has come to this? Playing for a less than mediocre team on the tail-end of his career where he has zero lift and has lost all of his athleticism.
  • Dorell Wright continues to play well as evidenced by him carrying the team in the first half and going a great job on Tayshaun Prince all night. Wright is an early contender for the Most Improved Player award.
  • Rodney Stuckey looks like 50Tyson
  • Greg Monroe, meh… Biedrins like effort from the free-throw line and struggles to finish inside.  Hasn’t had the opportunities to showcase his passing ability either.
  • Steph’s game tying shot was more than half way down when it spun out…Cruel Cruel Luck
  • Charlie Bell had a rough game to say the least in his return to his hometown.  Low-lighted by airballing a 3-pointer from the corner.
  • Gary St.Jean needs to not be on television, brings absolutely zero to the broadcast.
  • Ben Wallace…skunking layups since his rookie season
  • Building was empty last night, no energy at all in the arena.  Maybe it had to do with them playing Justin Bieber and other teeny-boppers music throughout the night. Eminem, Royce da 5’9, Black Milk and co. are rolling over in their graves.

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  1. bgalella

    That three-pointer from Stephen Curry late in the game did everything but drop. Golden State needs to start winning these kinds of games if they want to reach the post season.

    Detriot is a weird team to watch too….