Warriors annual Media Day takes place this coming Monday and in an effort to diversify their approach and reach out to the ever expanding Social Media community; the Warriors created “Tweedia Day”.  In short, the Warriors encouraged Social Media Journalists to apply for the opportunity to cover Media Day for their respective sites.  After filtering through a substantial amount of applications, the Warriors selected 10 applicants today to attend Media Day.  WarriorsWorld was selected as one chosen few and the remaining individuals can be seen here.

What to expect? How do we attack Media Day? Its rather simple and easily understood; relay the story don’t become part of the story.  We pride ourselves in bringing content which is informative, entertaining and trustworthy all the while packaging it in our own unique way making sure an aroma of freshness and creativity emanates from our work.  If you’re looking to see stale, unoriginal and boring questions or content then head elsewhere; I can tell you exactly where you can go for that style of information but y’all already know where.  The goal is not to become a beatwriter clone or hijack their style but rather bring the audience detailed and original information which they can inhale and fulfill their need for quality material.  At the same time, don’t expect cornball questions or anything related to generate lame and unauthentic humor; again, if you’re into that style of questioning- head elsewhere.

When Monday rolls around, make sure you’re paying attention as there will be an abundance of updates on our Twitter page, forum and site live from Media Day.  Should be a fun event to attend as it will be my first time at Warriors Media Day and with a whole new team there’s a lot to talk about.

All you hoop junkies can agree with me when I say the NBA season can’t get here fast enough and with camp opening next week it provides everyone an opportunity to talk about the playoffs without being laughed at or labeled an idiot.  Media Day the last few years has proven to be rather entertaining with trade requests, bashing of teammates and other unnecessary drama which unfortunately has become the norm in Golden State.  With a new era on Warriors basketball on the horizon it seems as if the franchise just may be headed in the right direction; better late than never.

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  1. bgalella

    Do you think the Warriors will be the top scoring team in the league this season? Adding David Lee into the starting lineup gives Golden State the scoring big it desperately needed.