The start of the season is rapidly approaching as training camp is less than a month away; we’re going to catch you up on all the  Warriors players and give you a look into their off-season as well as what to expect from them this up-coming season.

The Warriors signed Dorell Wright earlier this summer to a modest deal which went under the radar around the league but might prove to be the Warriors best off-season decision.  Wright gives the Warriors a versatile player who can guard multiple positions and fit in seamlessly into their style of play under Don Nelson.

I caught up with Wright’s agent Bob Myers to talk a bit about his client’s decision to come to the Warriors, the thought process behind it and what we can expect from Wright this season.  Myers also gave us a quick report on his other client on the Warriors, newly acquired big man Dan Gadzuric.  Hit the jump and check it out.

On Free Agency expectations

Ideally, your always hoping for a good financial opportunity as well as a good playing opportunity and luckily the Warriors provided both.  Dorell had a good experience in Miami and part of him wanted to make it work there especially knowing some of the things that were developing down there.  But we quickly realized that wasn’t a reality based on the moves the Heat were making and how much they would have left.

We shifted towards finding a team which could provided the best opportunity for him and the Warriors were that team.  He’s going into a great situation for him where he’ll have an opportunity start and to play quite a bit.

On Warriors interest in Dorell

Larry Riley had made it very clear early on that Dorell was a guy he was going to target.  I think the interest in Dorell from the Warriors dates back awhile to his draft year as  Chris Mullin and the Warriors management staff at that time were big fans of his.  Obviously Mullin is no longer with the team but it was evident that there were still people in the Warriors front office who liked Dorell.

On the decision to sign with the Warriors

He’s a California kid, born and raised.  The style of play allows him to use his athleticism and showcase what he can really do.  In Miami, he was asked to stand in the corner, become a spot shooter and almost more playing to his weaknesses than his strengths.  After serving a 6 year apprenticeship in Miami, coming to the Warriors he has a chance to do more, show his skills more and the Warriors style of play gives equal opportunity to players and getting to play multiple positions as well as getting to play in an uptempo system were appealing to Dorell.

Dorell’s strengths/weaknesses

The ability to play multiple positions, in some situations he was asked to bring the ball up the floor and has the ability to play some point-forward as he can handle the ball pretty well and is a good decision maker.  Has really improved his shooting since he came into the league and went from a below average shooter to an above average shooter.

Weaknesses would be attacking the rim and getting to the rim more, being more aggressive and assertive while out on the court.

On new ownership being a factor in the decision

We made the decision to come to Golden State just before the announcement of the sale of the team and we relied on Larry’s word that the Warriors interest was genuine.  Larry did a great job of conveying the Warriors interest and how badly they wanted him to be part of the team moving forward.  It was hard to project forward what the transition was going to mean to players on the Warriors so we just had to concentrate on the circumstances that existed at the time.  Free agency has become a recruiting contest on all levels and Larry did a great job on conveying his interest to Dorell which ultimately went a long way with him.

On the perception of the Warriors

The support they have is really amazing even through a continuous down cycle and to be honest, people love to watch their style of play which is evidenced by the number of fans at each game.  This team is right there to make a playoff push and I think they’re going to attract more free agents once they start winning; adding David Lee was a great move and bringing in Dorell is going to prove to be a good move too.

They need to get over the next hump which is when the score is tied late in the 4th quarter, who do give the ball to and say go get us a bucket.  Is it Monta Ellis? Stephen Curry? They really need a leader on the team who can take charge because you want a player to emerge as a leader and right now Don Nelson is the clear leader on that team.

On Dan Gadzuric

He’ excited because he recognized a need for a change and going into a free agency year it was important for him to play.  With Don Nelson, you see that he doesn’t play favorites and the politics don’t factor in because he’ll play a guy who just got called up from the Developmental league just as much as he’ll play a guy making $10 million dollars.  He liked Milwaukee and enjoyed his time there but coming back to California where he played his college ball definitely excites him.  There’s minute to be had behind Andris Biedrins and we feel Dan can come in and solidify the back-up center position for the Warriors.

On possible buyout

No, the Warriors haven’t discussed a buyout with us.