The Warriors have finally been sold.  Chris Cohan has finally relinquished his losing death-grip on the Warriors and accepted the $450 million dollar bid from the group headed by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber.  CNBC was first to report the news of the deal a short while ago.

Larry Ellison who has long been rumored as the leading candidate to purchase the team and the fan favorite as the potential new owner decided not to meet Chris Cohan’s asking price of $450 million.  Ellison’s refusal coupled with Guber and Lacob’s ability to give Cohan the price he wanted signaled the end of the process.

8 Responses

  1. Jay

    @ Phil

    Your Mama is an idiot.

    Note: Just offering an opinion to fans of the Golden State Losers. Name calling is not necessary. However, if you wanna go there……

  2. Vegaswarrior

    Its called HACKACOUSIN thats how u stop him.

  3. Jay


    Ok my bad……. I guess the Warriors got it all together ( Lol)

    Since you know so much about salary caps etc maybe the new owners will make you the new GM. (Lol)

    I doubt you’ll be able to stop Cousins though

  4. Jay

    @ Danny

    I see that it’s too late for you to be saved. They already gotcha.

  5. dwayne

    jay you,re writing bull crap.! 1 you don’t understand the salary cap 2. i don,t see you’re name on any GM waiting lists. I don’t care if Lebron was Currys daddy, the cap numbers are all tied up in Miami for the next six years. Hated to see Morrow go and there was not one player in the secound round that is as good as reggie williams. Morrow could not play defense at all. Have to take a wait and see approach to the new owners and see if they are willing to go over the luxury tax to sign key players ala the Lakers. If you build it right they will come.

  6. Danny


    A top 5 pick like Cousins dominating summerleague? woopetydo. I wouldn’t worry about that until if or when you can replace summerleague in that sentence with NBA. The two games i’ve seen he has looked winded pretty quickly in the shorter games, so he certainly has to get in a lot better shape, although the skills are there.

    Dorrell Wright is seen around the league as equal play wise to Travis Outlaw, except his price tag was far less because he had injuries before last season. Morrow was going to have Williams in front of him on the depth chart since Williams is a far better overall player where Morrow, (although a hard worker and great guy) is still primarily just a shooter. 4 mil is a lot to pay for a guy that low on the depth chart with that one thing to contribute on the floor. Randolph is so far, injury prone and plays so out of control that he can’t stay on the floor long enough to log any real minutes that you would need out of a starter. as for the 2nd round of the draft. you don’t really know how good it was until these guys have been in the league for awhile and done anything. Aside from that you are just going off speculation and as the 2nd round has proved…it’s a crapshoot for the NBA at best.
    People are already up in arms about the new owners who they know nothing about, nor what they are capable of from a business and organizational running stand point. But they already look from their backgrounds to be a far superior choice than what we have put up with the last 16 years.
    Cohan era has put Warriors fans in such a bad mindframe that even when they get a GM making good moves for them and the team finally gets sold, they seem to be blind to any sort of positives and there have been many this offseason.

  7. Jay

    Look yawl, there is absolutely no hope for the Dubs anyway. It don’t manner who owns them, the evidence is all around you.
    When I see Cousins dominating in summerleague I don’t know about you, but I get that same losing feeling. With Udoh hurt, it just compounds the situation.
    Then you wake up and realize that DORRELL WRIGHT IS THE STARTING SMALL FORWARD!!! Morrow will be lighting up 3’s for the Nets!! Randolph etc
    This draft had the best 2nd round in years. So what do the Dub’s do? they trade it away not once, but twice.
    By the time the Dubs get ready to win the 8th playoff spot in bout 3 years, Curry’s contract will be up and he’ll leave for a huge contract in Miami.
    Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Curry and LeBron are supa tight. Just go ahead and enjoy Curry cause when he becomes a free agent he is definitely leaving. His father Dale will advise him to.
    I would too…Curry is a great player and person. Why should he have to go thru this s#%&!!

    Find another team to root for!!