The Warriors traded Corey Maggette to Milwaukee in exchange for  Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Bell.  Maggette who has 3 years and close to $30 million dollars remaining on his contract heads to Milwaukee where he’ll be asked to do what he does best, score the basketball.

The Warriors get substantial cap relief as they save approximately $15 million dollars over the next three seasons as Gadzuric is in the final year of his contract and Bell has one more year remaining on his deal after this season.

With the addition of Gadzuric, the Warriors now have over $17 million in expiring contracts this season which allows them to broaden their scope and explore deals with various teams looking to unload salary.

Shipping Maggette to Milwaukee rids the Warriors of one of the worst contracts on their team and they can now focus their efforts on possibly moving Andris Biedrins who is coming off a disappointing season and looking to bounce back.

Check out Corey Maggette on WarriorsWorld TV a little while back

3 Responses

  1. Best Basketball

    I don’t like it at all. Everyone is worrying about the salary cap. They should just try to put a better team on the court.

  2. dubsallday

    Another move I love, hate, & love to hate.

    Love it because it’s a salary dump (although it won’t take effect
    until 2011), and opens up bigger roles for the younger talent.

    Hate it because we give up a reliable 20ppg scorer, for two non- factors in return. Maggette will be missed. He’s a true professional and I wish him the best.

    As for Bell, I hope he can get a fresh start here. If not, then I hope he can play somewhere else. I doubt he’ll see much time with the Warriors- Bell’s behind Monta, Reggie Williams, possibly Morrow, and Azubuike on the depth chart. And Gadzuric might as well change his name to Mikki Moore or Chris Hunter. The only positive from acquiring him, is his size. He’s an average shot blocker at best, pretty good rebounder, and terrible offensively. Warrior fans, say hello to the homeless man’s Andris Biedrins.

    The impact of this trade is so similar to the deals made last season involving Stephen Jackson and Jamal Crawford. This is the third time under Nellie and Riley, the Warriors deal a very solid, consistent pro, for essentially nothing in return.

    What will be done with the extra bodies? Let’s not forget we still
    have “Waste of Roster Space” Radmanovic for one more year. These guys will
    only see action if the Dubs get hit with injuries… Again ****knock on

    Let’s just hope Riley doesn’t fail us Warrior fans come Thursday night.

  3. Weld Janis

    Very good move!
    We get rid of Maggette’s big contract.. It seemed like that would have been impossible..
    Well, I hope we’re not done trading..
    We have to give ourselves a chance to improve.. It’s all about that..
    If we could give away Biedrins too, that would be awesome..

    Anyway, if we pick Monroe in the draft, we can have this lineup for next season..


    I don’t know, but I feel kinda optimistic 🙂