There it is ladies and gentleman, the highly anticipated new logo for your Golden State Warriors.  The team unveiled the logo officially this past Thursday through a social media release, which you can read here.  The logo is exactly how we reported it was going to look a few months back when we were the first ones to leak information about the new logo.

Team President Robert Rowell had this to say about the new logo, “This new logo pays homage to our organization’s rich history and unique standing in the Bay Area sports community…Kudos to the NBA and adidas for providing us with a magnitude of creative freedom during this process and allowing us to create a new uniform that simultaneously looks to our past and our future.”

Kudos to Rowell and the Warriors for finally getting something right by bringing some visually appealing and freshness to the franchise all the while getting rid of the comically bad logo they’ve been using for years.

For those who don’t know, the process of undergoing a logo change is rather extensive.  It takes a couple of years from when the team first files for such a change to actually see it come to fruition.  It just so happens the logo change takes place the same off-season in which new ownership comes in which creates a feeling of a re-birth throughout the organization.

The Warriors also unveiled all their secondary and alternate logo’s and color schemes.

The only item not unveiled thus far are the new jerseys which the Warriors plan on releasing to the public on draft night at their official draft party at Oracle Arena, for more information on the party and to RSVP, click here.

The next step this off-season is getting the team into the hands of new ownership and away from the Cohan regime.  Larry Ellison is the clear favorite to purchase the team as he’s made strategic moves along the way to strengthen his position as the likeliest new owner of the Warriors.  Now, we don’t know what to expect under Ellison other than it’ll be the complete opposite of what’s been going in Golden State for more than a decade.  Ellison once he takes over will do what most new owners prefer to do which is clear house and start fresh across the board.  New GM, Team President and Coach are all changes we will see sooner rather than later.  Who Ellison brings in to run the franchise is an intriguing aspect of the sale, Ellison will want the best of the best to run his team and won’t ever settle for mediocrity along the way.  Names we would never hear about coming to the Warriors under previous management will now heavily consider the Warriors because of the head man in charge.  Ellison brings instant credibility and notoriety to the franchise from day one.  The Warriors days as being an irrelevant part of the NBA seem to be over as the transformation to a bright future has begun.