With the NBA Draft approaching, we’ll take a closer look at some of players the Warriors might consider with the 6th overall pick.  First up is, Ekpe Udoh from Baylor University.

I spoke with Baylor Assistant Coach Jerome Tang recently about Udoh and here is the text of what he had to say:

Describe Ekpe Udoh both on the court and off the court.  What are his strengths and weaknesses on the court?

Ekpe is an unbelievable human being, he has the ability to light up a room and make everyone feel special.  Ekpe makes you feel better about yourself after you spend time with him

On the court, He is an animal …What kind? He is the whole ZOO.  He’s a playmaker on both ends of the court and makes everyone a better player both offensively and defensively.

His strength is the ability to make winning plays, what he does is produce W’s.  His weakness, sometimes he goes away from his bread and butter to early.  He has a great jump hook and sometimes he goes to counter when they haven’t stopped the first move … continuing to get stronger will be important but he is committed to doing so.

What’s his ideal position?

Ekpe is a playmaking 4.  He can guard any position but taking him away from the rim would affect the two things he does best, which are block shots to start the break and rebound to start the break or create extra opportunities.

Can Udoh play in any system?

Because of Ekpe’s high basketball IQ he can fit in any system … He is a culture changer … For the better.

Can Udoh come in from Day 1 and contribute to the team?

Day 1 of training camp he will impact his team in a very positive way on and off the court … He is a PROFESSIONAL!

Share a quick story about Udoh that gives us an insight on the type of person/player he is.

After a 2 win road trip against 2 SEC opponents  we got back late and had an off day (Sunday) … Ekpe called a team (players only) practice … They came in and shot free throws and he had a manager clip all the turnovers from the previous game (23) because he knew to do what we wanted to do as a team we needed to improve in both area … This was all Ekpe generated … No one on the coaching staff even knew it had taken place until after … His is a special leader.

Scouting Report

Our friends over at ClipperBlog.com, out together a great in-depth scouting report on Udoh, check it out, Here.

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