By Sherwood Strauss

Those were some tough bounces...

•    Thanks for winning those games, Nellie.  At least Don combed his hair for the late season franchise-bludgeoning victories. I guess.
•    Speaking of stretches untanked, the NBA should go back to the old system where every playoff team has an equal lottery chance. Why incentivize tanking? And if a 13th ranked team gets the first pick, so be it. Problem solved, no more porter potty baths for season ticket holders.

•    The 6th pick sucks.
•    We don’t know if the 6th pick sucks. The popular consensus is that this is a five player draft. Last year, the popular consensus was “two player draft.” Neither of those two players has played a NBA game.
•    The NBA brims with moronic. A few false moves at the top, and the Warriors could luck out.
•    David Kahn, help us again, please?
•    Ironically, Kahn seems keen on moving to get Evan Turner—the Warrior I most groveled for prior to the lotto.
•    This ends the era of my imagining Evan Turner as a Warrior.
•    We’re probably missing out on Wesley Johnson.
•    Before, I feared Cousins. Now we can’t even bask in his deranged, demon-eyed charm.
•    Cole Biedrins
•    Great, the middle lottery is stuffed with lanky power forwards.
•    Oh yea, we have a bunch of lanky power forwards.
•    I’ll get excited about Hassan Whiteside when I actually see a clip of him playing basketball.
•    Can the Warriors trade Ellis for a higher pick? Would any team be that dumb? Does Warriors HQ plan on doing anything between now and the rapture?
•    I’m glad David Thorpe thinks pick No. 5 is a tossup. I hope he confuses a few GMs and Wes Johnson falls.
•    The Warriors have drafted pretty well, which hasn’t amounted to much. Perhaps this is the year they draft badly and finally turn a corner?
•    They only turn corners to keep turning corners. This becomes a suckcycle.
•    Whatever happens, I want more playing time for Anthony Randolph. And please, if I have to hear more management fools paternalistically blather, “He needs to play under control!” I’ll…well I won’t do anything, I’ll sit and take more mediocrity, huddled in the fetal position. Because I’m a Warriors fan.
•    This would be a good time to trade Montgette.
•    This would be a good time to buy the team, Larry.
•    Oof that was a tough lotto selection. Pass the vodka, Captain Jack. Stephen? Where are y—….Oh right.


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