A couple weeks ago 38thNotes.com and us here at WarriorsWorld TV sat down with the Bay’s hottest rapper, Erk Tha Jerk, to talk a little basketball and a lot of music.
Erk of course, is best known for “Right Here,” the most popular record in the Bay for the last gazillion months. What is interesting about Erk’s recent success though, is that “Right Here” falls into an auto-tuned R&Bay jurisdiction that is relatively inconsistent with his sound. Erk is a rapper. Erk “spits hot fire” as Dave Chappelle might say in his best Dylan voice. “Right Here” is a catchy song, but make sure yall give his other work some spins as well.
Erk’s quirky personality could perhaps use a little  media training, but he’s extremely candid, off-the-cuff and genuine, and you can’t be mad at that. Enjoy.

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