LeBron James wins 2nd MVP award

LeBron won his 2nd MVP award as he garnered 116 of 123 first-place votes and demolished the competition.  LeBron with back to back MVP trophies has cemented himself as the best player in the NBA and a Championship title would be a great ending to his magical season.

Tyreke Evans wins ROY

As expected, Tyreke Evans won the Rookie of the Year award this season as he edged out both Stephen Curry and Brandon Jennings for the honors.  Evans had a phenomenal rookie campaign in which he consistently put up numbers throughout the season.  Stephen Curry ended up second in the voting followed by Milwaukee Bucks standout Brandon Jennings.

Deron Williams…Superstar

Best Point Guard in the NBA? That would be Deron Williams.  Underrated for the first few seasons of his career, Williams is finally getting the recognition he deserves.  There’s nothing he can’t do, can run a team, shoot, pass and defend.  No PG in the NBA matches Williams in terms of size and athleticism.  Just as likely to throw an alley-oop as he is to catch and throw it down on an alley-oop.  He’s single-handedly carried the Jazz to the second round while the team has been decimated with injuries.

If the Jazz want to upset the Lakers and advance to the Western Conference Finals its going to be on the back of Williams.  The Lakers have no one on their roster who can guard Williams other than Kobe Bryant which means Williams will dominate the plethora of deficient PG’s the Lakers throw at him.  The Lakers don’t want Kobe guarding Williams the entire game but may be forced to do so if the Jazz can sneak back to Utah with the series tied.  Don’t know what’s worse for Derek Fisher, Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar, getting lit up by Williams or having Kobe scowl and lash into them as it happens.

Future looks bright in OKC

No one could’ve predicted what took place in Oklahoma City this year, not one person can tell you with a straight face they had the Thunder winning 50 games before the season started.  Remarkable season for the Thunder who have all the necessary pieces in place to continue their stellar play.  They have one of the best GM’s in basketball, Sam Presti who has built an outstanding core in OKC while maintaining cap flexibility to allow room for additional talent.  Scotty Brooks deserves credit for taking this young team and bringing them together to maximize their potential while playing the right way.  It also doesn’t hurt to have one of the top 5 players in the NBA on your team in Kevin Durant.  Durant is on the verge of super-stardom as he’s an offensive machine who will get buckets till the day he retires.  All teams looking to learn on how to build a team *cough Warriors cough* need to take a look at the Thunder and what they did.

The LeBrons

The biggest non-story story of the playoffs has to have been the talk about LeBron’s “injured” elbow.  The same elbow that he dominated the Celtics with in game 1 and show everyone why this series will be over sooner than later.  The Celtics aside from Rajan Rondo are old and slow, not a good combination when facing the best player on the planet.  Add in the fact of the Cavs finally having some additional scoring punch on their roster with the additions of Antawn Jamison and Shaquille O’neal; the Celtics have  no shot at pulling off an upset.  When Mo Williams is throwing down a dunk on Paul Pierce’s cranium, you know its going to be a bad series for the Celtics.  We need to just fast forward through this round so we can get to the best match-up of the playoffs, the Cavs vs the Orlando Magic.

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