WarriorsWorld TV sits down with Olympic Gold Medalist and Bay Area native, Andre Ward.  We spent some time with Andre over at legendary King’s boxing gym in Oakland where he trains daily.  We find out why Andre was drawn towards boxing, his biggest accomplishments, who he looked up to growing up and more. Check It Out!

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5 Responses

  1. ferdinand marcos

    andre ward is cool he from the bay (yee) and he got a gold reppin for the u.s. and he a warrior fan…BUT he gets no love for being a mayweather fan and dissing my boy manny. not really dissed but he chose money (floyd) over substance (manny). i thought you wanna be remembered for being a good guy andre? manny is the guy you gotta look up to and emulate. someone who is hard working, humble, dedicated to his craft, and passionate about making a difference to his folk. unlike floyd who is all about himself, making money, cashing checks, who doesn’t care about legacy in his sport, disrespects the pioneer boxers who paved his way, and essentially a shallow and insecure little boy. lucena as always looks mahvelous and soooo lovely and muy mas bonita. magandang babe siya talaga! holla at me girl i’ll hook you up with shoes, just don’t walk all over me!

  2. GG

    Loved this one, maybe more so than any of the other episodes. Andre Ward is very well spoken, answered the questions in both a serious and fun manner when necessary, and just came across as a good dude.

    And Lucena was really good here as well.

    Nice job WW!