According to Matt Steinmetz on Twitter. Warriors win coin flip with Wizards, land 4th spot.

“Warriors win coin toss with Wizards, will be slotted fourth going into next month’s draft lottery #NBA #GSW”

Updated with odds and why winning the flip is a big flipping deal.

‘top X pick’ meaning the pick at the Xth spot and all spots higher than that

odds at the top pick:
win toss – 11.9%
lose toss – 8.8%

odds at a top 2 pick:
win toss – 24.2%
lose toss – 18.5%

odds at a top 3 pick:
win toss – 37.8%
lose toss – 29.2%

odds at a top 4 pick:
win toss – 47.7%
lose toss – 29.2%

odds at a top 5 pick:
win toss – 82.8%
lose toss – 55.3%

odds at a top 6 pick:
win toss – 98.8%
lose toss – 91.3%

odds at a top 7 pick:
win toss – 100%
lose toss – 99.6%

Nate was kind enough to put together a calculator to assist with calculating the NBA draft lottery odds.