How long have you been a Warriors fan?

The Warriors were the only thing I knew as a kid growing up. However, I didn’t really start watching intently until 1998 when I got an old 20 inch television from my mom that could only get 3 stations one of which was KICU 36 (the one time home of Warrior’s basketball and Oakland Athletics baseball).

Fav. Current Warrior? Why?

Honestly I have about 3 favorite warriors Stephan Curry, Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright. Though if I’m forced to just choose one it would have to be Brandan Wright. He is a tall athletic forward with great reach that could be very effective in the paint offensively and defensively if he was just able to gain some more weight and if he were able to stay healthy. Two big ifs but if he’s able to accomplish both he will be a solid, reliable PF for years to come.

Fav. All time Warrior? Why?

This is a given. It has to be Jason Richardson. He was the one player during his tenure that I really connected to because it felt as if he recognized the pain that warriors fans went through as evidenced by the letter he ran in local newspapers apologizing for not making the playoffs in 2006. He was also one of the most exciting Warriors players to watch from his time to competing in multiple Slam Dunk Competitions to the part he played in the 2007 playoffs. Plus I have to root for a fellow Richardson!

Fav. Moment?

Mike Dunleavy turning into Manleavy and getting ejected out of a game against the Mavericks once. That was the most emotion I had ever seen out of him. (Not really my favorite moment but that whole scene was just hilarious). The serious answer is when the Warriors beat the Mavs in Game 6. I never thought I would see in my lifetime the Warriors win a playoff series. It was a great time to be a Warriors fan. I will always remember the passion that players on that team played with and what the fans brought to that arena that night. I still get chills thinking about it.

Worst moment as a Warriors fan?

Summer 2008 when Baron opted out of his contract. I was shocked to hear he had done so because he had so much love for the fans and the Bay Area that I thought it would have been impossible for him to leave. His departure essentially marked the end of the “We Believe” Era. It also lead to a lot of rightful questioning of ownership and the unfortunate panic signing of Corey Maggette.

What’s your feelings on the current Ownership/Management of the Warriors?

It feels like at times that the ownership/management has no idea what so ever as to how to run a basketball. Just look at how many different core groups of players we’ve had since 2000, the terrible lottery selections of POB, Diogu, Dunleavy, the nixing of Baron Davis’s deal by the “accountant” aka Robert Rowell, the extension of Stephen Jackson, the hiring of a puppet GM etc…. Throughout all of this there has been one man that has overseen all of this and is ultimately responsible for the mess the Warriors are in time after time. That is Chris Cohan. Until he sells the team to anyone, then I don’t have the confidence to say that the Warriors will ever become a serious player to go to the playoffs, no less legitimately compete for a championship.

You’re named Warriors GM, How would you improve the team? What changes do you think need to be made?

You can go in so many different directions for our team. I would clean house completely with all of the basketball staff. That would include the trainers, scouts to the coaches. This would finally rid of us those who have been either hired by Rowell/Cohen. Then I would have to figure out what the identity of the team would be. Run N’ Gun, half court team focused on defense etc… Then determine who our most tradable assets and try to make a deal for an all-star PF/C. We may have to give up Curry, Ellis, Randolph or Wright to get a star which some people may not like, however you can’t rely on Internal Development on saving your franchise.

There is also a matter of the draft pick that the Warriors will have in June. All of these plans could be revised depending on who is available in the slot they will draft (hopefully somewhere between 1st and 3rd). It would be imperative to pick the BPA and not to replicate another Diogu pick.

You can bring any current NBA player to the Warriors, who would it be?

Most people would love to bring in Kobe or Lebron but I’m going to go a different route. With this current team I would bring in Superman! That’s right Dwight Howard. He would be able to hide our defensive shortcomings. He would be able to command a double team which would mean open shots galore for our dead-eye shooters Morrow, Azubuike, and Curry. Really we could just throw it down low to him in the paint and he could give defenders the “Shaq Shoulder” for the easy basket or just watch him fly to the basket on the fast break! It would also be interesting to see how Dwight could impact our young bigs Randolph and Wright.

Finish the sentence, When the warriors win the championship, I will…..?

Call all my family and friends and yell “THE CHAMPS ARE HERE!”

Do you Visit

I visit everyday. I don’t post but maybe in the future I will… is great because you have hardcore warrior’s fans giving their opinions on what direction the team should go in, commentary on the game in progress or lamenting an announcer for using every excuse during the game (ya’ll know who I’m talking about). I’ve become a more knowledgeable fan thanks to

Bio: IIvory is a  22 years old and born and raised in San Jose. He’s currently a senior in the Corporate Financial Management Program at SJSU hoping to graduate in Fall 2010. In his spare time you can find him on Xbox Live playing NBA 2K10 (with the Warriors of course). If you think you can handle 20 minutes of hell on the virtual court then come get some! His gamer tag is irichgsw87

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