How long have you been a warriors fan?

I’ve been a fan ever since I met my boyfriend – that’s almost 10 years ago. He’s the one who got me hooked on Warriors basketball. I remember getting so annoyed because he was into the Warriors more than he was into me. I would get mad at him and ask “Why do you even like this team…they’re always losing anyway” and he would just shake his head and say “you don’t understand”. One day, I decided to give in and enjoy watching a game with him (I did play organized basketball in my younger years up until high school so I understood the game well enough to follow it) – once I got to know the team and see how exciting they can be, despite all the losses, I grew to love ’em. Listening to Tim Roye, Damon Bruce, Fitz, Barnett, etc. made it even more enjoyable. To fast forward…my boyfriend currently finds it weird that I know more about what’s going on with the Warriors than him.

Fav. Current Warrior? Why?

Am I allowed to have TWO favorites? If so, I choose Kelenna Azubuike & CJ Watson. I just have this thing towards D-Leaguers…jk. I like the both of them because they play hard and are unselfish. FYI, did you know Azubuike means “masculine” in Ingbo/Nigerian…!? Well that just defines him well. Buike is built to be a strong player. I love how he never gives up on plays and plus he’s one of the better defenders on the dubs (and one of the cutest! …yea yea I said it!). Pretty much the same goes for CJ Watson. This guy is capable of changing the game just when you need it. His quickness and ball handling skills so clean. I love watching him play. Buike & Watson seem to improve every year. It just sucks that their injuries, this season, are holding them back from shining even more. But just like a true fan should…I’ll always be a fan no matter what.

Fav. All time Warrior? Why?

I would have to say Jason Richardson. He was the heart and soul of the team during his time here. I watched his game improve from the time the Warriors drafted him (when he was a raw high flyer) to actually helping the team reach the playoffs. I loved his dunks, three pointers, dedication towards the team, and unselfish play during those lean years. I remember his heartfelt address to the fans at the end of the 2006 season when he apologized for the team not making the playoffs. It was sad to see him go, knowing that he really wanted the best for this team.

Fav. Moment?

C’mon now…of course when the Warriors humiliated the Mavericks in the ’07 Playoffs. There’s so much to love about the Warriors during that time – An 8th seed (underdog) team beating and eliminating the 1st seed (who had an amazing winning year) team…PRICELESS!; The warriors and their chemistry was one of its best; “We believe” brought out the 6th man in the fans which was AMAZING; and of course the Baron Davis dunk over Andrei Kirilenko…Epic Moment!

It sucks to know that this favorite moment/playoffs experience has become a distant memory for most Warrior fans.

Worst moment as a Warriors fan?

This current season has been bringing out some of the worst moments. You can find MANY ups and downs. It’s really hard times being a fan right now. It’s tough to see the majority of the players being injured. It’s frustrating that this team with so much talent and promise has not been able to have a full healthy squad so far in this season.
But if I had to pick one moment…it would be when I found out that Richardson got traded!! In retrospect, however, the trade opened up the door for other Warriors to shine.

What are your feelings on the current Ownership/Management of the Warriors?

Ownership will be tested at the end of the current season with the number of quality free agents that will become available. As far as their recent moves…Jackson leaving, drafting Stephen Curry are both pluses. Jackson’s departure has allowed the team chemistry and ball movement to both improve, not to mention has made Monta an all-star and “head leader.” Curry improves every game and seems like a solid pick up. Neither of these things translate into wins because half the team is injured and that’s not managements fault (right?). The one move I question is firing Mullin from GM position. Mullin seemed to have the team going in the right direction…

You’re named Warriors GM, How would you improve the team? What changes do you think need to be made?

Nellie ball is entertaining and the players buy in to it because it’s fun and entertaining. But there has to be a balance to run and gun. Perhaps adding a perimeter defender would help – say Raja Bell? Oh man you just can’t judge this team right now due to injuries. Since injuries are currently our biggest weakness, how about hiring a new trainer?

You can bring any current NBA player to the Warriors, who would it be?

No strings attached?! Then give me LEBRON – best player in the NBA. More realistically, a big man to help Monta like C. Bosh. We’ll have to give up a lot though – one or a combo of Andris, Randolph, Curry? Bosh provides big inside presence on both sides of the ball, although it’s really tough thinking of dropping any of our guys.

Finish the sentence, When the warriors win the championship, I will…..?

…have tears of happiness! This win would mean that our loyalty as fans has FINALLY been awarded.

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