“In 140 characters or less, who is your favorite Warriors player of all-time and why?”

That was the question we posed to our Twitter family, check out what they had to say.


@TopChef58 Rick Barry… because he won a championship

@Stillwellchris Rick Barry, a little crazy and Championship!

@Tmoneyhoops Rick Barry because he put the Warriors on the map and made them relevant.

@Christoff79 Chris Porter. Best.Afro.Ever.


@Tivon Tim Hardaway & Baron Davis, point guards have always been the root to warriors success.

@MR_FJG_SON Mine is Tim Hardaway.When I was little all I tried to do was perfect the Killa Crossover.My favorite warrior of all time.

@Roheblius Tim Hardaway – Brought excitement and energy into the organization and matched up against KJ who always killed us.

@gbug379 Tim Hardaway because of the confidence and leadership the Warriors are lacking today. The Killah Cross-Over is a sick move!

@stlkr Tim Hardaway hands down. He had the illest cross over ever & took no mess from no one and played hard every night.

@GreeneTeam22 Tim Hardaway! Killer crossover originator,1/3 of run tmc,he played the point…had a smooth shot…plus i played pg so yep lol


@Philysstar Sarunas Marciulionis, gotta love the ‘stache (and his skills obviously)


@SheaButtaCoCo Phil Smith because he was like a father to me and I miss him dearly! HE WAS A GREAT MAN!


@Georgegalang Jrich-he did so much w/less.no real 1st stp, no real d, had to plant 2 feet but alwys played hrd & passion & wnted 2 be here.


@goldustubeezy Latrell Sprewell. I think he was the last warrior to play in an NBA allstar game. And he choked a coach when he needed too.

@Jaystayplayed Latrell Sprewell because I came up with him.


@Mistersasso Chris Mullin: The lack of speed but ability to score with a sweet shot or slow motion layup. Oh and the sickest flattop!

@The_Real_DChoi Mullin. Great shooter passer leader. Can’t top: missed shot, outlet to Hardaway, to Mullin for 3 on a fast break? Count it.


@RWhitelock510 Baron Davis. In the short time he was here he was everything the w’s were not for so long. Tough, confident, DOMINANT.

@robbsilv33 Baron Davis. The way he led that team to the upset of dallas and really turned the warriors around even if just for 2 seasons.

@matikmike boom dizzle. Did you see what he did on kirilenko?

  • Casey Bagadoenuts

    Ive been a fan of the warriors for as long as i can remember and Monta Ellis is my favorite warrior ever , the guy is an AMAZING athlete and hes incredibly skilled , two years from now he’ll be amogst the leagues elite , if the warriors let him go nd keep steph i will have lost all faith in this organization , first gilbert and now possibly monta how stupid could you be

  • Karate John

    Monta Ellis is my all time favorite player. Monta is on par to be an all time Warrior greats like Timmy Hardaway and Rick Barry. He’s a 4 year player (actually, 3 year player because of the moped accident) with an incredible skill set. He’s the fire on a 13-29 team. Monta, Kellena and Andres are the only players left from the playoff team. It’s Monta’s team.

  • curryfan

    Stephen Curry! Look what he has already done and he is a rookie! The Warriors are lucky to have him and I can’t wait to see what he has yet to bring! We had season tickets to Davidson College basketball since Curry was a freshman and it was a pleasure watching him play! He is a natural and I see a great future for this young man!

  • wavetoyou

    Monta Ellis. It’s time to look to the future, and he makes it seem so bright…