Last Year’s Record: 29-53

Crystal Ball
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Bloggers Say: 28-54
Community Says: 41-41

Yes We Can!

The Golden State Warriors enter another season with uncertainty and question marks. Under the ownership of Chris Cohan, the Warriors have made the play- offs exactly one time and have gone through numerous coaches, players and executives. Going into this season, Larry Riley is the man in charge taking over for Chris Mullin who is no longer with the team.

The off-season has been an interesting one as the Warriors brought in Stephen Curry, Devean George, Mikki Moore and Acie Law. Gone are Marco Belinelli and Jamal Crawford, both of whom were shipped east.

Stephen Jackson recently spoke out publically about his desire to be traded to a contender or the New York Knicks. Jackson is in the final year of his original deal and his three-year extension kicks in next season. It’ll be interesting to see how the Warriors handle the Jackson situation as either way it makes team president Robert Rowell look foolish.

For the Warriors to be successful this season and contend for a playoff spot they’ll need a breakout season from Anthony Randolph, who showed flashes of his potential towards the end of the season as his playing time became more consistent. Randolph has been a busy man this offseason with a dominating summer league performance, taking part in Team USA mini-camp and putting in two-a-day workouts to improve his game. Randolph is penciled in as the starter at the power forward position and has the potential to break out as a superstar.

Monta Ellis is fully healthy and healed from last season’s accident and the subsequent injuries. Ellis has a tremendous amount of responsibility on his shoulders as he will be a team captain and starting point guard this season. He needs to show the maturity needed to command both of those positions. If Ellis can become a better passer and manage the team as a point guard to go along with his outrageous athletic ability and midrange game, the Warriors will be in the hunt for a playoff spot – provided they make a commitment to defense.


Can we all just agree that Nellie Ball is the NBA equivalent of spraying air freshener in a public restroom? Matt McHale By The Horns

Obey Don Nelson

Obey Don Nelson


“Bout to get ready for a game i wont even get in…i wonder wonder would they notice if i aint go….hmmmmm”                             – Marcus Williams

Think we can use that quote to summarize every game last season for Williams.


“I know it ain’t me”

-Stephen Jackson in response to what’s wrong with the team

Offense: 9th
Defense: 28th
Pace: 1st

Team Factor Strength(s): Free Throws (3rd)

Team Factor Weakness(es): Defensive Rebounding (30th), Free Throws Allowed

Warriors winning percentages season by season during Chris Cohan’s tenure as owner

Chris Cohan Warriors Ownership Winning

Chris Cohan Warriors Ownership Winning


Monta Ellis isolated at the top of the key with the ball and with shooters spaced
out along the perimeter. Ellis can drive on his defender and get to the rim or
drive and kick to an open shooter for a 3. Best of all, Ellis can drive right, stop on
a dime, elevate and swish a midrange jump shot at the buzzer for the win.


Brandan Wright, because he’ll be relegated to the bench as minutes at the
power forward will go to Randolph and Maggette.

The biggest contract situation hanging over the team’s head is Stephen Jackson,
who issued a trade demand over the summer and reiterated his wishes at media
day.  Jackson would be a hot commodity except for the fact he’s due an estimat-
ed $27 million dollars over the next three seasons.  Jackson has said the trade
request will not affect his performance on the court and he will continue to play
hard and lead.  The Warriors hope this situation will decompress, which may not
happen if they get off to a slow start.