The overall opinion of the Warriors community is that Curry is more of a natural point than Ellis. Ellis is more of a tweener who is a shooting guard in a point guards frame. Curry has better court vision, decision making, and shooting. Ellis is far more athletic and has the ability to get his shot whenever he wants.

It is more likely that Curry’s shooting provides him he space he needs to beat men off the dribble, or make a pass. It is less likely that Ellis starts making better basktball decisions.

(Truth) Curry is a PG; Ellis is not. It is that simple. The contrast in the PHX game was pretty stark. Curry was getting his team mates the “I can’t miss this easy shot” kind of looks off his very clever, very sharp passes. I am surprised he is already playing at NBA game speed. I remember when Marco first came in… how it took him some time to get used to the length of defenders and everything he did was deflected. Curry is looking like an 8+ APG kind of guy as he matures with limited TOs. He definitely is a 1. That is killer news for the long term.

Ellis on the other hand is simply not. He is unwilling to defer to his team mates enough and does not have the court vision to ever been a good PG. There was actually a play saturday where AR had just done a great job stopping Amare on D… then on the other hand, he wavied off Ellis who was dying to get the ball. Ellis was so pissed that he gave up on the play entirely. Not real good team instincts there…

So, bottom line. Curry has a natural NBA position. Ellis is a very good ball player, but remains a tweener. He’d better sack up and starting guarding the 2’s in this league – as there are probably 25 who he can cover night in night out anyway, so get on with playing him at his more natural position.

Challenges Curry needs to overcome to be an effective point guard

(gswinsider) He needs to be able to get in the lane better but I think if he gets his shot down then opposing players will guard him closely. This will make it easier to get by your man if he’s not backing off him. Because that is the ONLY way I see him getting by his man because he’s an average athlete at best.

(Earl J Slick) Guys like Nash aren’t as athletic as a lot of guys, but the stop, start, hesitate, and the ball just goes with them like it’s a part of their body. Chris Mullin used to be good at that stuff, and he was slow. But you have to have the handle to make it happen in any direction.

(Warriors in 2010) Yes and No. Monta can get into the lane and is a major threat so that gets teammates open.

Curry is much more willing to share and understands the pg position better but in today’s nba the ability to get in the lane is just as important so we’ll see about who is better.

Not an easy thing to improve for Curry by the way as Curry is just NOT beating his man off the dribble. he’s better at everything else than all of us thought he would be except he is NOT shooting that well NOR is he beating his man off the dribble. Those are 2 biggies.

(Truth) Counterpoint to Warriors in 2010

If you think Iverson and Marbury are point guards, then I can see how you’d see Ellis as one. I simply don’t see any PG instincts in Ellis as all. His assists come off of being forced to pass when he cannot score – which he is in a shoot first mentality at all times. These guys are all under-sized 2 guards.

I am really surprised at how far along Curry is already at this early stage, particularly with his small frame. He has gotten to the basket for many clever finishes so far and had a pretty tight handle – so I have no worries about him being able to break guys down and work around screens. And obviously, the shooting will come. He’ll have more range than Ellis as he settles in.

Very good news all in on Curry. I am glad we don’t have two tweeners.

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