How long have you been a Warriors fan?


I have been a Warriors fan all my life, I am born and raised in Oakland, CA and the Warriors were the only NBA team I ever watched in person growing up.


Fav. current Warrior? Why?


My favorite current Warrior is Andris Biedrins. I love the way he goes about the game, and he remains a major inside presence for our team. I love a player who can work hard and put their heart into the game, without requiring the ball all the time. He's a hustler on the court, and I love his demeanor.


Fav. all Time Warrior? Why?


My favorite all time Warrior is Tim Hardaway. The PG/G position always seem to be what makes or breaks us, and I used to love practicing doing my own Killer Crossover. I attended Camp Hardaway every year at Merritt College (Oakland, CA) growing up and it gave me the opportunity to meet Tim in person, and he was always nice to all the kids at camp, it made me respect his contributions off the court as well as pay attention to him on the court.


Fav. Moment?


My favorite Warriors moment was definitely the 2007 playoff upset of Dallas. I got the unreal opportunity to attend each home game during that series, and it was a magical environment. A very surreal feeling being able to see your team actually create history, and win in the process. 2000 All-Star game in (Oakland, CA) runs a close second.


Worst moment as a Warriors fan?


My worse moment as a Warriors fan, I am slightly torn between getting rid of Tim Hardaway, and letting Baron Davis walk. Baron was my 2nd favorite Warrior of all time, and the things he did to bring our franchise back into national prominence I felt deserved to go rewarded. It was tough seeing the Warriors let him go after being a witness to some of the great things he did on the court with the ball.


What's your feelings on the current ownership/management of the Warriors?


Currently as a Warriors fan, I find it hard to really make sense of what the Ownership/Management are doing. However as a true fan, I have to sit back and hope for the best product to be put on the court ever single game. Sadly enough, I feel as if that's not true in every case with the Warriors, but I remain optimistic. I absolutely love the Warriors and I am a die hard fan, but often times I wish certain situations and player personnel were handled a little bit different. Warriors games tend to be a fairly expensive night out, and if the management doesn't put a product on the floor I can feel happy with paying, It tends to kind of hurts my feelings personally.


You're named Warriors GM, How would you improve the team? What changes do you think need to be made?


That's a tough call, I don't want to be one of those know it all fans, but I would start by playing a more traditional lineup. PG/SG/SF/PF/C. I'm no longer a huge fan of the “Nellie Ball” without a super star play maker like Baron Davis handling the ball making plays for others. So I would likely start there.


You can bring any current NBA player to the Warriors, who would it be?


Any player? …ANY PLAYER? That's a tough one…I would say Dwight Howard (LeBron being a close 2nd to him). Because as I feel, it's rare you come across size and talent of his magnitude, and I see it being easier to build a team around a Center, rather than a SG or SF. (I dare not be a Warrior's fan and request Kobe)


Finish the sentence, when the warriors win the championship, I will…?


Probably stay in the house…because we all know what happened when the Raiders lost the Super Bowl! (hah). In all honesty, I don't know what I would do, I would be at such a lose for words, I would attend every event possible, take as many pictures as possible, and try my best to remember that moment, because it may only come once in a lifetime with any team.


Do you Visit


Yes, I am a proud member of and I encourage every fan to be. THANK YOU TO THE WHOLE WARRIORS COMMUNITY, I love how we all use technology to interact and keep everyone informed regardless of age and physical location.




Keith Tivon Gregory (Tiv), is a 26 Year old Oakland, CA native, currently attending UC Berkeley majoring in American Studies (Information, Technology and Society.). I enjoy playing all sports (especially basketball), web development, photography, traveling & local site seeing.