From his freshman year to now, how has Stephen improved?

Steph became more of a leader as moved from year to year. Steph is a tireless worker, so he improved every part of his game. He developed more range, he was better with the ball, his decision making improved. I could go on and on. Steph is always working, therefore he is always improving.

How do you feel the adversity both individually and collectively as a team Davidson faced this past season affected Stephen and how did it make him a better player?

As I said, a lot more was expected of Steph this year with the departure of three tremendous seniors from our Elite 8 Team. Teams targeted Steph. Teams did everything they could to shut him down. Steph was tremendous at playing within himself and trusting his teammates to do their jobs. When this happened, we were very successful. Steph really makes the players around him better.

What kind of teammate is Stephen? Can you speak on his leadership abilities?

Steph was a leader vocally and by example. From the time he stepped on campus, Steph has always been an incredible teammate. Even with all that talent, he never showed it. If you saw our team, you would never know Steph was the future NBA lottery pick. His teammates loved to play with him and his coaches loved being around him.

How would you characterize his time @ Davidson?

Incredible. He elevated a very successful program to new heights. Davidson became a household name. He also established a new level of expectations that players here have embraced. Our players have tasted success on the national stage and are working as we speak to keep that going.

Is there one signature moment or game you’ll always remember during Stephen’s time at Davidson?

Don’t know that I have just one. But, if I had to decide on one, probably the lay-up and the 3 he made against Georgetown to send us into the Sweet 16. I really have no idea how he made either of those shots. If there was a big shot, that needed to be made, I would always put my money on him.

What would you consider Stephen’s strengths on the court? What are some areas he needs work on and needs to refine?

Steph has a lot of strengths. I think some of his biggest assets are his ability to move without the ball and his overall basketball IQ. Steph is an amazing talent on top of all that. I think he would do a better job at discussing his weaknesses then I can. But I would say his biggest overall weakness is his driver off the tee. It tends to abandon him when the pressure is on.

What is the most underrated part of Stephen’s game?

I think his ability to make others better. People see him as a guy with a green light. He can score. Well he earned that. He shot over 40% for his career. But, he sees the floor so well and combined with his basketball IQ, that is a potent weapon. He gets guys the ball in the right spot at the right time.

Also, he is stronger and bigger than people think.

What do you think will be his greatest challenge in the NBA? What will be the hardest adjustment to make?

I think the constant grind, the amount of games, back to back against the best players in the world. It will test him both physically and mentally. But, I know he will be able to handle it.

How do you think the transition to point guard will be for Stephen?

He will be fine. He made the transition this year to the point and he handled it as well as can be expected. He proved to people that he can be a very successful point guard in the league. Steph is a very smart player. As I said before, he will be able to run a team, but he will also be able to score from the point guard spot. I really think he has all the tools to be one heck of a point guard for a long time in the NBA.

Do you envision a perfect fit in Golden State in Nellie’s up and down system?

Steph has always played in this type of system. When Steph is attacking he is very difficult to stop. If you give Steph the slightest opening, he will exploit it. He will be really good in any system, but he will be most comfortable in an up tempo one.

Being in the Carolina area, I’m sure your familiar with Anthony Morrow, who would you consider the better shooter between the two, Anthony Morrow or Stephen Curry?

Wow, I remember watching Anthony play at Charlotte Latin. He was and is one heck of a player. But, I gotta go with my guy on this one.