Warriors pick Stephen Curry at #7 .  Good pick by the W’s, they need someone they can pair with Ellis in the back court. They know they have a glut of 2’s and 3’s but GM Riley says they are moving some out.  Just on the face of it, Crawford out, and Curry in, you get a pure shooter with excellent court vision, that can pass. Chances are Curry is a much better pro in 2-3 years than Crawford ever was.

Although Riley says he will come off the bench and back up Ellis, in a Don Nelson run offense, you know he would have no problem running both of these guys out on the court at the same time.  Curry averaged over 28 ppg on a team where he was the #1, 2, 3 option, so you know he can get his shot off.  The W’s should be able to spread the floor more, with Ellis’s ability to get to the hoop creating opportunities for outside shooters like Curry.  

Stephen Curry youtube highlights…enjoy

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