Coming from Phoenix and the local Warriors beat writers. The trade that has been talked about all day is still alive.  Biedrins, Buke, Beli, Wright and the Warriors #7 Curry to the Suns for Amare. Suns clear out Amare’s contract, honor his trde wish while adding some good young pieces. The Warriors do exactly as I said yesterday, improve their starting 5.  Nelson has shown a great ability to reach into the D League, and undrafted players to pick out solid wing players who fit into his system.  An athletic big that can run the floor, finish, command and pass out of a double team are harder to find.

With Amare you have an athletic team that can run and finish.  Ellis/Jackson/AR/Amare/Turiaf with Mags, as the 6th man.  Still no true point, a Mags for Barron deal would put the W’s back into the playoffs, with a chance to go deep.  Mullin is sitting around somewhere asking why are the W’s doing this deal and not the KG deal he had locked up that Rowell apparently nixed.

Tim K on the Amare deal and contract talks

Marcus T II on the Amare deal

UPDATE: Warriors ticket reps using the Amare angle to try to get season ticket holders to renew

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