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Who should the Warriors draft and why?

Shamrock, BBallkrazy: Trade the pick

Lebowski: Harden or Curry

Most NBA and more importantly Don Nelson ready

Sheed, Jumbo Liar, Willy D, Storkshots, **030**, 2112, NorthBaySufferer, Delsol650, Years and Counting!!!, Lonestar, Tim:  Brandon Jennings 

Fits the system, pass first point guard, quick, fast, excellent finisher, most upside of any pg in the draft, biggest upside and potential star.


Or other high reward guy that may fall. We are not one "nice" or complimentary player away. Go for broke. Look for a possible all star.


This team isnt going to the playoffs next season, and wont be a contender for a title as currently constituted. So what they should be doing is trying to get a superstar to build around. The only guy in the draft that has that potential that may be around at # 7 is Brandon Jennings. He has attitude issues, sure. But if he didnt, he wouldnt be available at #7.

Seems to have the best vision, quickness creativity and desire to make the game easy for others (enjoys making a great pass as much as a basket himself).

His shooting is a red flag because guys sagging on D is going to make it harder for him to use his strengths, but I think he'll improve enough there to keep the defense honest, or at least honest enough.

Bottom line is that we need a real PG. I like Curry and think he'll probably be a good player, but I'm not convinced he's got the vision to make the game easier like Kidd or Nash.

Teams without a top 5 player need to play outstanding team basketball. I look at the Denver Nuggets as an example. They have three excellent big men in Martin, Nene, Andersen. Then they have a savvy, calm leader in Billups. (of course they have 'Melo, but Billups and the bigs playing well really helped them get over that hump)

I think the Warriors have a solid big man rotation in Randolph, Biedrins, Turiaf. They just need to add that floor general to their squad, who'll play defense, control the tempo, and distribute the ball.

I think Jennings could be that guy. I also hope the year overseas really helped him mature as a person.

I'm of the mindset that you keep on swinging for the fences on a big man or a PG. Swingmen, unless they are Kobe or Lebron, don't impact the game as much as a PG or a big.

Gsfanatic1, Futureisnow09: Flynn

Because he's a leader. He's passionate about being the best he can be. He cares more about the team than himself.

He can get into the lane better than any other candidate.

He can find open men once there.

He has the quickness and athleticism to create a good shot opportunity for himself or others at any time.

He has a tenaciousness and desire to be a good defender.

He'll get this team in transition at all times.

He'll be a great teammate and guys will want to follow him.

He'll remind the Bay Area of Timmy Hardaway.

He's got the kind of swagger you want from your point guard.

He's got great form on his jumper and his midrange is underrated.

He knows what he needs to work on and is doing so.

He's not fragile. He's built like a tank.

The list can go on and on.

Stimpson: Best PG available

Monta is not a pg, I don't care what Nellie said. This draft if full of point guards and I think we are weakest at that position. I think we have Biedrens and Turiaff to cover the 5, AR and BW to cover the 4, Jax,Bukke,maggs,etc… for the 3, Monta,AM,Belli for the 2 what we don't have is a decent 1 and it just so happens that this draft is heavy in point guards.

ShotsofJacktotheBeli: Derozan, Clark, or Holiday

All guys with size at their positions and who play D. And all have pretty good upside.

If not 1 of them, I'd take a chance on Jennings and his playmaking ability, even though he's a little small and has questionable D.

This is assuming Rubio, Harden, or Thabeet doesn't fall. I'd take those 3, in that order, over any of the guys above. Not a big Hill fan at all.

Al Be Damned!:
Harden, Flynn, Evans, Hill

Harden most ready to contribute to this team. He has great vision, can initiate the offense and defend. Truly helps take the pressure of Monta at point.

Flynn- It means more Nellie small ball, but he is the penetration and ball handling guy the team lacks. Monta will need to add some muscle and get ready to defend twos. He will come off the bench at first and Jax/Mags slide to three. These two guys are the only ones in the draft that could really help the team as a rook IMO

Evans- He can be what Harden is to Monta, but he is too young and turnover prone at this point and the team wants to win now.

Hill- He's a year away, but if Wright doesn't pan out, you're suddenly looking a a big hole ahead as Turiaf's deal will soon be at an end, and there's no guarantee that AR will ever be a true inside 4.

The rest of the PGs:
I don't see Curry, Rubio or Jennings working alongside Monta defensively. So if these guys are the pick one of them is moving. Don't see Jrue having the shot. Flynn is at least pushing 200 and quick.

Spade: Stephen Curry

He will average 20ppg in the NBA within 2-3 years very easily if not right off the bat.. nobody else at #7 is as guaranteed.

Warriorsplant: Trade Down

It is possible to build a good team around Monta. Finding a PG that would be able to contribute immediately and mesh with Monta at SG is too difficult. If there is a demand for a PG at the Warriors position, they should be prepared to trade down, if there is an attractive offer. The team does need beef.

Blowing up the team and trading Monta will set the team back. I still think Monta is a special player and how many of those have the Warriors been able to keep.

DC Warrior: Does it matter?

The team is lost. Nellie and Rowell won't sign another free agent without overpaying and will likely lose any Ws who open up in free agency. And you know how Nellie is on rookies. And veterans too, I suppose.

gswfan4ever: Ty Lawson

He "dropped" because his biggest asset, running a 5 player team, isn't utilized in workouts.

Proven winner from a very reputable school
True PG, something Ws need
Good defender, something we need
Doesn't chuck, tries to make teammates better, something we need
Very fast, suits this team
Mature and NBA-ready, something Nellie loves
He basically would do anything Nellie would like him to do and would have the ability to pull it off. Baron has ability but not always willing, CJ Watson is willing but often doesn't have ability. Lawson has both IMO. We'd just need his teammates to cooperate, which might be the most challenging part.