How long have you been a warriors fan?

I have been a Warriors fan since I was 8 yrs (1988) I remember it because this is when we had Manute Bol on the squad & everyone was trippin that dude was 7 feet 7 inches tall.

Fav. Current Warrior? Why?

For my favorite Warriors player, I would have to go with Stephen Jackson, homeboy is a beast.

Fav. All Time Warrior? Why?

My favorite all-time Warriors player has to be Tim Hardaway. Back in the days I went to a Warriors Jam in Oakland I think & I met him in the parking lot & he stopped and signed about 20 kids autographs before he went inside the event to sign more autographs.

Fav. Moment?

When we beat The Mavs in 07! We Believe!

Worst moment as a Warriors fan?

When McDonalds discontinued the “Chris & Tim Burger” hahahaha
I would have to say when we lost to UTAH in the 2007 playoffs, broke my heart. So close yet so far away

What’s your feelings on the current Ownership/Management of the Warriors?

Like everything in life, it can use some improvement but overall I am content.

You’re named Warriors GM, How would you improve the team? What changes do you think need to be made?

Make sure we keep Nellie on as coach & bring some experienced players to the Warriors. Nothing against our young team but a little guidance & leadership would be good for our squad.

You can bring any current NBA player to the Warriors, who would it be?

The Bay may hate me for this one but, Kobe Bryant, I personally don’t like the dude but come on Kobe Bryant in a Warriors jersey GAME OVER!!!

Finish the sentence, When the warriors win the championship, I will…..?

Be courtside!!!!!!

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Erik “GUS” Enriquez, a motivated and determined individual that values his loved ones.  Gus was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  Growing up he strived to be successful and had his mind set to achieving his goals.  He has an outgoing personality and is very “happy-go-lucky”.  GUS is blessed with everything that is apart of his life and feels to be truly fortunate.  He believes in not taking anything for granted, and embracing each day one day at a time.

GUS has always has a love for music and listens to all genres.  It is a form of expression that the artist wants for his listeners to understand at a different level; emotionally, physically and mentally.  He believes that music captures a person’s soul and engulfs an individual’s feelings as a form of therapy.

Promotions, communications, planning events/parties, coordinating, host, music label manager, customer service, marketing, sponsors, founder of “We Eating”, community involvement, clothing design and critique, and networking, are a few words that can describe GUS professionally in the business light.  He is motivated to be the “self-starter” in the business industry through his experiences and knowledge of what would work in our society.  GUS has been the voice in reaching out to the bay area artists in various art forms from music, graffiti, photography, paintings, and graphic design.  He knows that there is hidden art that has been yet undiscovered.

Currently, he is working on an urban based food show called “We Eating” that launched early this year.  The show consists of two guys from the bay area that find the hottest spots to eat at; a very indulging experience. Check it out

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