How Long have you been a Warriors fan?

I've been a Warriors fan since I was old enough to understand the concept of basketball. I'd say sometime around Mitch's rookie year in 1988. I've never been a fan of another team, and never will be.

Fav. Current Warrior? Why?

Favorite Warrior tag probably goes to both Anthony Randolph and Monta Ellis. Monta has all the tools to become an elite player. It's simply a matter of how bad he wants it. As for Randolph, he's just a joy to watch. I love his intensity and how he plays every possession as if he were playing in the finals. Plus I love the sad face he makes after any play he's involved in.

Fav. All Time Warrior? Why?

I'm going to have to go with Carlos Rogers on this one. As a child, I used to write fan mail to most of the players, and Carlos was the only guy kind enough to respond with a hand written letter, and he even sent me his rookie card with his autograph. I still have that thing. It's actually quite creepy how much Anthony Randolph reminds of Carlos Rogers; but obviously much better.

Gilbert Arenas was another fave of mine. I remember when J-Rich won mvp of the rookie game challenge in 2002, and Gil was in the back popping his Warriors jersey shouting "WARRIORS!!! OAKLAND BABY!" Pretty sad but that was a proud moment for me as a Warriors fan. Shame on them for not creating enough cap room to keep him in the Bay.

Fav. Moment?

Obviously that series where we knocked off the Mavs has to rank as one of my most memorable moments in Warrior history. But it was that final game of the season where we sneaked into the playoffs by beating the Blazers that I will always remember.

I had tears in my eyes that night, and updated my Facebook status by saying, "My Warriors haven't made the playoffs since I was in junior high, and I just cried." That "We Believe" season was magical. It's a shame it only lasted one season.


Worst moment as a Warriors fan?

Hmmm… Trading C-Webb was devastating for me as a kid. I remember watching KRON4, and hearing Gary Radnich announce that the Warriors had re-signed Webber, then he paused and said they had then traded him to the Bullets for Tom Gugliotta. That hurt. Can you imagine what that team's lineup would have been that year? Tim Hardaway, Latrell Sprewell, Chris Mullin, Chris Webber, and Rony Seikaly!

What's your feelings on the current Ownership/Management of the Warriors?

Wow. I'll try and keep this as short as possible. The Warriors have been to the playoffs ONCE since Chris Cohan has been the majority owner. The Warriors have been one of the worst run franchises in all of pro sports over the last 15+ years. My fellow diehard Warrior fans know how I feel. You know it's bad when people laugh after you admit to them that you're a Warrior fan.

How many teams have been contenders, then rebuilt, and contended again; all while our Warriors have remained at the bottom of the standings year after year after year? It's no fun knowing that your team is the laughingstock of the NBA; especially since I live in Laker country. But I will say this: The only people within the organization I have a problem with are Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell.

The team invites me to sing the national anthem every season, and the employees treat me with the utmost respect. They always take care of me when I'm at the arena, and for that I will always be grateful to all the employees at Oracle.

You're named Warriors GM, How would you  improve the team? What changes do you think need to be made?

When it was clear that Baron was not coming back, they should have rebuilt the team with youngsters. Giving Stephen Jackson an extension, signing Corey Maggette to a massive deal, and trading for Jamal Crawford was just a huge mistake. What were they thinking? Now they are stuck with older players with terrible contracts. You need to build your team around a star. Every team with a winning record has at least one all star caliber player. At some point the Warriors are going to have to realize that a team full of role players is mediocre at best.

You can bring any current NBA player to the Warriors, who would it be?

I'd build my franchise around Lebron James. He almost singlehandedly carried the Cavs to the finals. Did you see the scrubs they placed around Lebron this year? That dude is a monster. Derrick Rose is another guy I would love to see in a throwback Warriors jersey.

Finish the sentence, When the warriors win the championship, I will…..?

Sob like a baby and purchase a lottery ticket.

Do you Visit

I sure do. Warriorsworld is the only sports site I surf, and it's one of the first sites I visit when I get a chance to log on to the internet. Del, please make an iPhone app for so I can have a mobile version to browse when I'm in the studio or on the road! I've been a member of since 2001. Oh and shout out to all my homies in the champagne room!




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