Fav. Team Moment? Individual?

As a team I would have to say defeating Boston in Boston, individually I would have to say my 37 and 25 point game and victories in February vs the Clippers and Blazers.

Biggest Challenge, on and off the court?

My biggest challenges on the court was getting used to the grueling schedule in such little time, and also how to manage my time off the court. Off the court my biggest challenge was just learning how to deal with more responsibility not just for myself but also for my daughter and my family.

Rookie Hazing?

LOL, luckily the vets didn't do much hazing at all, I've had to carry bags and things like that but that's about it.

Playing for Nellie? Front office mess?

Well obviously Coach Nelson is a Hall of Fame coach who I love playing for, his style fits my game perfectly and I hope to be here as long as possible. As for the other stuff I don't pay any attention to it at all, I'm just trying to work hard and improve everyday.

Thoughts on Nellie's tanking?

I feel at we have extreme depth and young guys who can play and took advantage of the opportunity to improve at the end of the season.

On getting better during the season

We'll I did a lot of praying to be able to get better in this system, all of the coaches really helped me to improve from coach Nelson to out player development coach Rico Hines. I'm like a sponge so all of the vets,specifically Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford, have really helped me to improve not only as a player and on the court but also as a man off the court.

Off-season improvements?

Ill strive to improve in every aspect of my game, specifically my explosiveness, lateral quickness, and making plays for my teammates off dribble.

Tips on becoming a better shooter?

Really just getting up lots and lots of shots and building your confidence and establishing muscle memory.

Transition to the Bay area and hobbies?

The transition was easier than I thought it would be my hobbies are really playing video games, watching movies and listening to music.

Contract Pressure?

I really don't feel any pressure at all, I can control my work ethic and my determination and ill just let God handle the rest.

Visit warriorsworld.net? If Not, what are you waiting on?

Haha, I hadn't but I will now!