Thoughts on LeBron James walking off the court without shaking hands with the Orlando Magic? 




I like the passion but that's just bad form.  Maybe I am old school, but he was absolutely obligated to go over and shake Howard's hand, if nothing else.  Forget that he is so young sometimes.


It's really bad, may reveal a huge character flaw.  He thought his own teamates let him down, he did not respect his opponent. He needs to read some Sun Tzu. When a player did this back in the day he was called a punk.


I think what's worse is that he left the locker room without talking to anyone.  If he wants to be a leader, he better realize that people will be expecting to ask him questions after things didnt go the way as planned.
Dont run away and hide out from that 

Carla Beefcurtain (Warriors Superfan since 1984)

Its sort of his first strike.  If it continues, then he'll start developing a rep.  Had it been KG or Kobe people would be all on their back, as it goes right in line with numerous incidents of stupidness in the past.
This seemed sort of extreme and out of character for LeBron, so I think people are giving the benefit of the doubt, for now. 

Thelonious Dunk

A gracious acceptance of defeat was probably not on his mind. Sure, it wasn't very LeBron like, and definitely a bit disappointing considering how high of regards everyone holds for him, but it's totally understandable.
And yeah, his team sucks, Jesus, they looked like the warriors out there for 3/4 of the final game.


It sucks because he always seems to handle himself well and now that the going gets tough he pouts.  Who knows, maybe he was ready to cry at any moment and didnt want that on national television but either way it was in poor taste to completely avoid everyone.





No big deal.  This to me is the kind of b.s. that gets talked about today b/c coverage of sports is 24/7 and 90% is not about the actual games.

Earl J. Slick

Immature and classless.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and admit you got your ass beat and congratulate the guys who did it.


Bad judgment.  He was in tears, heartbroken but he should have manned up and shown some respect. Hope he understands that he was wrong. I can see this affecting some MVP votes next season. Not only did he not show sportsmanship, he skipped the media interviews afterward. LeBron wants a ring. He doesn't really care about the rest. But he was wrong and it showed a total lack of maturity.

The Earth Ghost

It's nothing.

Dick Nixon

 He had to hurry up and go put on his Yankees hat.