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How Long have you been a warriors fan?

Since I went to my first game when I was about 5 years old at the Oakland (not Oracle) Coliseum. We were playing the Seattle SuperSonics.
Fav. Current Warrior? Why?

I’d have to say Monta, I like him personally and I like his game. With the right direction and work he could be one of the best small guards of our time.
Fav. All Time Warrior? Why?

I’d have to say Tim Hardaway. His crossover was sick, his pull up J off the dribble was so fluid and when he drove to the hole and yelled at the ball to get in the hoop, it always made me laugh, just classic.  
Fav. Moment?

Beating the Mav’s in the playoffs a couple years back. I’ve never been in a louder arena. I flew from NY to go to a round 1 game and it was well worth the trip and I picked it.

Worst moment as a Warriors fan?

The whole Spreewell/P.J. debacle that was the end of us possibly being good for a long time. A close second is bringing Nellie back to clean up the mess he was responsible for, even though he coached us to the playoffs he still sucks as a coach.
What's your feelings on the current Ownership/Management of the Warriors?

I could go on about his for days. Management is a joke and it won’t get better until Rowell is demoted or fired. He places personal feelings over smart basketball decisions.  
You're named Warriors GM, How would you improve the team? What changes do you think need to be made?

I’d fire Nellie and put Captain Jack and Maggette on the trading block to see who’d bite. It’s a youth movement that we need.

You can bring any current NBA player to the Warriors, who would it be?

Dwight Howard, he’s what we’ve been missing for years. I’m a Biedrins fan but I feel that he could be equally as effective at the 4.
Finish the sentence, When the warriors win the championship, I will…..?

Be in the streets of Oakland or wherever we win at going crazy. Then I’ll collect my money from all the naysayers.  
Do you Visit

No doubt.


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