Compiled from multiple sources, but I got a chart that has all of the 09-10 prices in one and another that had 08-09's from someone who still had it from last year.

The new section is the $135 Sideline Club, which was part of the $150 pricing before. Those people see a bit of a discount, but the difference in just one row of those center court Sideline Club seats is now $52 ($150 vs. $98) instead of $40. Imagine being the guy sitting in the last row of the more expensive pricing section. Note the row of seats directly on the court was $1,250. That has not changed.

The largest drop in the Lower Bowl is the end greens, 24% from $50 to $38. Still, that's only $12 a seat. Otherwise, the discounts for the vast majority of STH, the ones who are supposed to be the most loyal Warriors diehards, is little in some cases to none in most. Imagine if they dropped the $150 section by even just 20%. Then it'd be $120, but that's a difference of $30 a game for every single STH. Of course the Warriors can't do that. I'll leave what that means up to you to decide.

The Upper Bowl is where the largest percentage drops can be found, but they're also where the fewest STH are compared to the Lower Bowl. This may be geared to lure more people in to buy STH in "Club 200" but when Robert Rowell promised STH would see the money from Monta's fine returned to them in some way, it seems pretty clear that is not the case for the majority of them.

Given what I've heard from existing STH, it seems the Warriors have attempted to be secretive about not letting everyone see what the discounts are for pricing levels they aren't in. This will eliminate that problem.

I'll let the graphic speak for itself:


Season ticket pricing comparisons