Warriorsworld.net hooked up with Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle for a Q&A about your Warriors.


Warriorsworld.net: Thoughts on the Monta situation                                       aabb.jpg

Janny Hu: Monta was never going to get off scot free. He broke the rules, got himself hurt, and there isn't a team in the league that would've let that go unpunished. I think 30 games (or $3 million) was a little stiff, but well within the Warriors' rights.
To me, the bigger issue is how open-ended this all remains. I just don't think it creates a healthy environment.
The Warriors want to evaluate Monta post-injury. OK. But how long can they hold onto the threat of voiding his contract? How exactly are they going to deem him worthy or not? And who's going to make that call?






Warriorsworld.net: Rowell basically threw Mully under the bus during his press conference; do you see Mully getting a contract extension?

Janny Hu: For that to happen, you need two things: 1) Rowell to want Mullin back. 2) Mullin to want to come back.
And I don't think either of those is looking very good right now.

Warriorsworld.net: Do you feel heat or negativity from the organization if you write critical comments or something they do not agree with?

Janny Hu: Honestly, I realize there's a lot of negativity among fans toward ownership right now, but it's not fair to single them out on this topic. People disagree with what I write at times, and it's not limited to higher-ups. Players get upset, PR guys get upset, coaches get upset. A few years ago, Nellie froze out Geoff Lepper and I for weeks because he thought we made a big issue out of nothing. It's just part of the job.

Warriorsworld.net: We've found out Rowell nixed the Baron extension, was he also the one responsible for the Maggette/Turiaf signings or were those orchestrated by Mullin?

Janny Hu: No, as far as I understand, that was Mully. But remember that the two are always tied together when money is involved. Mully can try to broker whatever deal he wants, but if there's no OK from above, then there's no deal.

Warriorsworld.net:  Breakout players this season?                                          kelenna.jpg

Janny Hu: I'll take Andris and Kelenna. Andris is one of the most efficient players in the league, so if the Warriors can get him the ball more — and if Nellie will actually play him 30-35 minutes — his numbers should go up. Kelenna is now the first guard/wing off the bench — maybe even a starter if Jack plays the point or Maggette is hurt — and he's usually produced when given the chance. 






Warriorsworld.net: What was the Best off-season move by the warriors in your opinion?

Janny Hu: Aside from having Anthony Randolph fall into their
laps, I'd say re-signing Monta and Andris to pretty good deals was the
highlight of a pretty awful summer.

Warriorsworld.net: Point Guard situation

Janny Hu: It's pretty clear by now that DeMarcus is their guy, although I'd expect to see a lot of Jack at the point. CJ's been fine; Williams, not so much. He just isn't on Nellie's radar right now because of his inability to grasp the offense and play defense.

Warriorsworld.net:  Thoughts on Jackson having basically free reign and doing what he wants on the court ala Baron; Will his Contract Status be a problem this season?           gswmediaday27-100107.jpg

Janny Hu: Jack has carte blanche because he's their best player, so get used to seeing the good and the bad. His extension should get done any day now, but what's ironic here is that Jack basically put Rowell on the spot. He publicly said that Rowell told him it was coming. So if it doesn't, guess who looks bad?






Warriorsworld.net: What are realistic expectations for the team this season?

Janny Hu: I'd say in the neighborhood of 35 wins.

Warriorsworld.net: Your thoughts on the blogging phenomenon

Janny Hu: That's a tough one. I appreciate the immediacy and interaction that blogging provides. But what tends to happen, from my experience, is that I'll start writing a short entry and have it grow into something much longer and more time-consuming than anticipated. It's great for getting material out there. Not so great when you also have deadlines to make for the paper as well. Needless to say, it's a balance I'm still figuring out.

Warriorsworld.net:.  Websites you visit everyday that help you do a good job as a beat writer?

Janny Hu: I'll check hoopshype, the websites/blogs for the local papers, and now, the stuff that Geoff and Matt Steinmetz are writing.


Special Thanks to Janny for taking spending some time with Warriorsworld.net