JRich traded to the Charlotte Bobcats for Brandan Wright. Apparently confirmed by the guy who runs JRich's website. The Warriors make a move for an athletic big man, and reduce their glut at the guard position, and get some of the cap relief they will need to resign Biedrins and Ellis.

More moves could be coming as the Warriors try to get bigger while maintaining the athleticism that got them into the second round of the playoffs last year.

All of us here at warriorsworld would like to thank JRich for giving us something to cheer for all these years. He came to play every night, worked on his game, and carried the team for years. Even though his game has changed over the past 2 years due to injuries, he has managed to adapt and still contribute at an all star level.

Unknowns; what about Pietrus, does he now stay? Does Ellis move to SG his natural position or do we continue to play him some at the point. What will Barron's reaction be to see his buddy leave town? Unlikely that the Warriors are finished.

Update: Apparently JRich was pretty pissed off at the trade when he talked to Mullin. Even though Mullin said Rod and MJ wanted JRich bad. Jrich wanted to come back and try to get into the playoffs again and get further with the W's.

"he said he wanted to be with the team and shoot for another playoff

Ouch. Hopefully JRich will calm down a bit. The move puts a lot of pressure on Wright to perform, JRich is the most beloved Warrior since Mullin, and in the eyes of Warriors fans, anything less than a second round appearance in 07-08 will be blamed on this trade.

TRADE OFFICAL: Announced during the draft. Wright on TV saying he hasn't heard anything from either Charlotte or Golden State. He thinks he will fit in great in the up tempo game. The final trade was JRich and the Warriors 36th pick Davidson for Wright.

He's gone, the final piece from that great draft class that brought us Arenas, Murphy and JRich. 2 all stars and a guy with a huge nose.


The official thanks for working hard and being a true Warrior thread.