Weaknesses: Still unrefined. Extremely aggressive, almost reckless. Needs to learn to play with energy and intensity without endangering himself. Court awareness could use work on both ends of the floor, but he reacts very quickly. Can settle for the 3 at times, and needs to improve his floor game and shot selection. Pietrus often attacks the basket with a pump fake and a hard drive to the left… he needs to diversify his game off the dribble.

Outlook: Mickael is a dynamic player, but he regressed under Mike Montgomery.  Coach Nelson's more open system should afford the ultra-athletic Pietrus more opportunities to play in the open floor, but the zone defensive schemes might not be an ideal fit for Pietrus.  Mickael is a restricted free agent as season's end.  Given the W's current cap situation and their proximity to the luxury tax, Pietrus could be on the move in the summer of 2007.