Weaknesses: Durability. Baron's game is well-rounded, but he's had injuries to his knee, back, hamstring and ankle.  He's still a very good athlete, but he's not the ultra-explosive finisher he was as a youngster.  Shot selection can be questionable at times. Using the jumper to keep the defense honest one thing, but Baron has a habit of settling for low percentage, pull-up jumpers — more of a scorer than a shooter.  Free throw shooting is below average for a PG.  Can be stubborn defensively, trying to play tight on quicker guards instead of using the scouting report to his advantage.

Outlook: When healthy, Baron is one of the best PG's in the NBA. The W's look to him to be the leader on the floor and spark the team on both ends of the court. He's the feature player in Don Nelson's uptempo attack.  The style and pace Nellie coaches will test Davis from a conditioning standpoint, but it will also put him in the position to excel as a playmaker and scorer.